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Noisy compartment,

Noisier thoughts,

People chattering,

Hands crossed.

Eyes wide open,

Yet asleep.

Dried out tears,

No longer to weep.

Unknown journey,

Rickety train,

Different strangers,

Familiar pain.

Sweedle D'Souza is a twenty-five year old graduate with a bachelor's degree in business administration, and is currently pursuing an MBA in human resource management. She is a native of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Receptionist by day and writer by night, she calls herself an impulsive scribbler of words. She has been writing stories, poems, and other forms of creative writing based on various topics from romance to female empowerment. She has also written articles for Project Life Quality, a non-profit for survivors of abuse. She loves to read, write, sing, learn new stuff, and spend time with kids and animals. Her personal slogan is, "I prefer quality over quantity."


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