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  • Poetry

  • Flash Fiction (i.e. Short Stories, Novellas, Novel Chapters, Scripts, etc.)

  • Personal Essays

  • Opinion Pieces (for our Featured Content and Archives sections only)

  • Photography

  • Artwork (i.e. Drawings, Illustrations, Digital Art, Anime, Comics, etc.)

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  • Please submit all text-based submissions in Microsoft Word or PDF format attachments.

  • Please submit all artistic photographs and/or artwork as PNG attachments.

  • All submissions must include a cover letter with a short bio about yourself and your work.

  • Any and all works containing graphic imagery or content will not be considered for publication.

  • The use of explicit language, while not formally banned, should be kept to a minimum and used sparingly, as there is a good chance such language will decrease the odds of publication.

  • All text-based submissions should include the use of oxford commas!

  • Have fun!

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